Massage Almaty 15000kzt

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Massage Almaty 15000kzt
15 000 тңг
Казахстан, Алматы
Хобби и отдых / Разное
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BODY & SAKURA - relaxing massage.
It is destined for stress-relieving and against insomnia.
Definitely this kind of massage is irreplaceable in men’s health matters and surely increase man’s attraction for women: the level of the male hormone - testosterone rises, which positively affects your male charisma.
The duration of one massage is 1 (one) hours.
Only prepayment please.
Visit to you is possible.
Massage is absolutely useful and safe and performed by means of hypoallergenic oil.
Massagist was trained in China and Thailand and also has special medical education.
Work time: latest time for making order is 23.00.
Without days off, please welcome.
All required documents are available by request:

Tax License number:
Certificate of registration:
Serie 10929 No.0080924
State Revenue Committee
Ministry of Finance

Personal Health book from Ministry of Health:
AA No.098582
Republic of Kazakhstan
Almaty city
Medical Center “Merey” LLP
License number: 14013453